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Live, capture and share! The AresX EE-S70 is the most affordable professional grade action camera on the market. This beast captures videos up to 1080p at 60 fps with ultra wide immersive angles and pictures up to 16 mega pixels with 12X digital zoom. All viewable instantly with an included TFT display screen accessory. AresX EE-S70 boasts bigger battery, wider built in WIFI reach along with remote control capabilities, G-Sensor motion feature, deeper waterproof depth with included waterproof casing plus external microphone and much more.

What Can AresX EE-S70 Do?

  • Attach it to your bike for amazing action shots on the go.
  • Get inside videos of the waves you ride when you attach it to your surfboard.
  • Get insane angles with the telescopic handle.
  • Attach it to your head for POV shots with the head strap mount.
  • Control it effortlessly from afar with the WiFi enabled remote.
  • Attach it to any helmet with the curved adhesive mount for safe action shots.
  • BE INVINCIBLE... the possibilities are endless with AresX Cam!

See The Camera In Action

Diving In The Carribean
Diving With Sharks
Skydiving Freefall
Delta Flying
Free Riding
Biking In The Alps
Surfing The Waves